We appreciate that you may not have booked that many bands before and so you might have a few questions!  We’ve attempted to answer some of the questions most likely to be on your mind.

Why should we choose The Sidecar Club?

Well hopefully because you love our music!  In addition to our exceptionally high performance level, we also have vast gigging experience.  

We have been playing together for several years and prior to that, we have all individually been involved in music for many years.  This means that between us we like to think we have encountered most different types of gig settings and know how to overcome any issues that can crop up along the way (if any occur - which hopefully they won’t!).  

This experience also means we know what to do to make your event go smoothly so you don’t have to stress about the band, meaning you can bask in the glory of a job well done!

Do you have public liability insurance?

Yes.  Dave Herries is a member of the musicians union which entitles us to public liability insurance.  We can provide proof upon request.

Do you supply your own PA system?


Is your equipment PAT tested?

Yes.  Again proof can be provided upon request.

How much space do you need?

We typically need an area about 3m wide x 2m deep.  We can squeeze into smaller areas than this if needed but there is a chance this could compromise our sound quality.  Please Contact us if you’d like to discuss this in more detail.

What about setting up?

Our wealth of experience means we’ve perfected our set-up routine so this element is usually fairly quick - about an hour.  However if you’re gig is up a couple of flights of stairs and with no lift, then it’ll probably take a bit longer!

Can you set up earlier in the day?

Yes.  If the event room needs to be used for other purposes throughout the day, we can set-up early and then make ourselves scarce until you want us to play - just give us all the details when you discuss booking us.

Will you be loud enough?

Our PA is suitable for small to medium sized venues, so ideal for most bars, restaurants, wedding venues, function rooms and halls.  If you would like us to play in a room larger than your average hotel function hall, then please let us know as we may need to hire in additional speakers.

Can I plug an IPod in between sets?

Yes.  We can provide a cable, so all you need to do is provide the IPod and a playlist!

Can we request songs for you to play?

Yes.  For any booking, we’re happy to learn at least one song for your party.

We don’t recognise all your songs…

It’s only natural that you’ll want to know  a lot of the material we play, but in our experience, what’s perhaps more important is that we create the right atmosphere at your event.  Each song in our repertoire fits brilliantly into our set meaning you won’t be disappointed even if you don’t recognise everything we play.  Of course, you can always request a song or two as well!

Can you run me through how the day will go from your point of view?

We normally arrive a few hours before the performance time (the exact time depends on what other requirements there might be on the room).  

We then set-up and make ourselves scarce until the performance time.  If we’re coming a long way, we’d appreciate it if you could arrange somewhere for us to get changed and / or recommend somewhere for us to go so we’re not getting in the way of your guests!  We will then return to the venue at the agreed time and get on with the music.  If you have requested it, we leave the speakers in place for you to continue playing music through your IPod until the event finishes.  Once over, we’ll go back in, take down our PA system and get on our merry way again!  Simple as that!

“You were wonderful - really classy!  

Seriously, I don’t think you realise how good you actually are!”

Annie Griffiths, Private party

Near Milton Keynes

Contact Us for a Quote! Where can I see you live? Contact Us for a Quote! Where can I see you live? Contact Us for a Quote! Where can I see you live?

“The Sidecar Club played at my recent 40th birthday party and they were simply outstanding!  I’d recommend them to anyone - they brought the party to life in a way that I never imagined possible!”

Juliet - 40th Birthday party  

Caversham, Berkshire

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