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The Sidecar Club Acoustic Duo have been playing together for years and have developed a great musical understanding and awareness. Combining this with Beccy’s soaring vocals and Daves Latin inspired guitar playing, the Sidecar Club are able to create a distinctive sound that sets them apart from many of their contemporaries.

Dave Herries - The Sidecar Club Acoustic Duo Beccy Kean - The Sidecar Club Acoustic Duo

A bit more about Beccy

Beccy Kean is originally a soul singer with influences from Mowtown and Jazz. She has performed all over Spain and California and clearly draws on this experience: pulling you in with soft sultry tones before her rasping blues voice explodes into action - guaranteed to send shivers down your spine!

And a bit more about Dave

Dave Herries is a guitarist with over 15 years of performing experience in blues, rock, jazz, classical and flamenco.  This musical journey has allowed him to draw on the passion of flamenco and latin guitar before twisting it around Western music rhythms to create his distinctive style!

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